I know it’s been a little while since Pokemon Go hit smartphones around the nation, but I thought I would give my thoughts on this subject.

To me, it’s interesting to see just how fast fads can take shape in the modern world. The internet has made it extremely easy to see what the latest fasion, gadget, news item, or viral video is beginning to attain popularity. Pokemon Go sets a shining example of just this. In slightly over a week this app exploded its way throughout the United States, leaving parks strewn with “zombie” like people engrossed in their game.

After talking with a friend and proponent of the game I was still unconvinced of downloading the app. I can see that it gets people out of their houses, into the fresh air, a bonus of the app. Developers of the app also have extreme influence over where to send these players, mainly placing Pokestops in parks and natural areas. This is all good, but for me, in an age of distraction, the least of my concerns is dumping my time into another sinkhole. I’m sure with a little more of this time, we can foster creativity and find other more productive ways of entertaining ourselves. Until then, Pokemon Go remains a fad that I’m sure will slowly fade into the library of fads before it.

Two young people trying to play Pokemon Go on the top of my car. This is getting quite out of hand… (Thanks to Ben and Rachel, my brother and sister, for posing for this pic.)


Discovering New Things

This past weekend some pals and I were stupid enough to climb Kit Carson and Challenger Point, two fourteen thousand foot peaks that thrust into the horizon like the spine of some enormous beast. The experience brought with it stunning new views along with new challenges. With conquering on our minds we left at 4:45 am, surrounded by darkness. Upon departure we were immediately enveloped by a relentless swarm of mosquitoes.  The trek took us nearly 12 hours round trip, and by the time we reached the car we were exhausted. I don’t think I’ve had more mosquito bites at one time in my life. My left leg alone is covered in at least 50 of them!

Anyways, each peak I’ve hiked in Colorado has brought with it another small glimpse into the beauty God has surrounded us with. To me each peak is a puzzle piece in the beautiful picture of God’s creativity.

This was taken at Willow Creek Lake. Kit Carson peak sits at the upper right hand corner.