Discovering New Things

This past weekend some pals and I were stupid enough to climb Kit Carson and Challenger Point, two fourteen thousand foot peaks that thrust into the horizon like the spine of some enormous beast. The experience brought with it stunning new views along with new challenges. With conquering on our minds we left at 4:45 am, surrounded by darkness. Upon departure we were immediately enveloped by a relentless swarm of mosquitoes.  The trek took us nearly 12 hours round trip, and by the time we reached the car we were exhausted. I don’t think I’ve had more mosquito bites at one time in my life. My left leg alone is covered in at least 50 of them!

Anyways, each peak I’ve hiked in Colorado has brought with it another small glimpse into the beauty God has surrounded us with. To me each peak is a puzzle piece in the beautiful picture of God’s creativity.

This was taken at Willow Creek Lake. Kit Carson peak sits at the upper right hand corner.