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  • Learning the meaning of patience

    Learning the meaning of patience

    I moved to Corvallis, Oregon about a week and a half ago. The ocean along the Pacific Northwest coast waved and I had to wave back (I’m studying nearshore oceanography here). A small, quaint town of just under 59,000, Corvallis boasts a wealth of local coffee shops, breweries, hiking and biking trails, and the winding […]

  • The 2001 Toyota Corolla

    We had to give my old car a good send-off. What a machine.

  • You don’t know what you have until it’s gone

    You don’t know what you have until it’s gone

    I’m sitting in my quiet office on the second floor of Louisiana State University’s Coast and Environment building. The hum of the A/C saturates sound in the background and is only disturbed by the occasional patter of feet along the hallway outside my door. A quick glance out the window is met with green leafy […]

  • Vibe

    Hopefully, this song spices up your day a little bit!

  • The Cup that Gives Back

    Where is your identity when an unexpected twist in the road brings calamity? How phased are you? Do you have enough to weather the storm? So many empty golden cups surround you, vying for even just a portion of your very self. They seem to offer so much. A respite in the midst of crushing […]

  • I was the Hare

    I was the Hare

    In the wee days following that famous ball drop in Times Square, a long-time buddy and I, inspired by the prospect of new beginnings, decided to hike up a snowfield in the mountains west of Denver. The morning of the hike started slowly, and after a tall coffee from McDonald’s (yes, we gave in to […]

  • A Book and a Puzzle

    I got COVID back in February. Two weeks holed up in an apartment for an extrovert can be tough, but hey, given the situation it was the least I could do to help stop the spread. Day 1 was spent doing schoolwork, cleaning the house, and catching up on the typical things that had slipped […]

  • Give it a Break

    Give it a Break

    Take a Break

  • Lessons from a forest

    The distant hiss of rubber on concrete drifts over the treetops and into my balcony. As droopy as some of the limbs are, their green leaves stand as markers of how resilient southern woods can be, even in the wake of a hurricane.It was amazing to see the leafy branches of a nearby Sugarberry tree […]

  • In a Pickle

    In a Pickle

    Lately, I’ve grown rather tired of having to convey the hushed statement, “Yeah… I’ve never been to Florida before.” I recently moved to Baton Rouge, and now had no excuse to continue this lifelong streak, so my brother and I decided to take a four-day road trip to the panhandle in May, old school style. […]