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  • The 2001 Toyota Corolla

    We had to give my old car a good send-off. What a machine.

  • Vibe

    Hopefully, this song spices up your day a little bit!

  • The Cup that Gives Back

    Where is your identity when an unexpected twist in the road brings calamity? How phased are you? Do you have enough to weather the storm? So many empty golden cups surround you, vying for even just a portion of your very self. They seem to offer so much. A respite in the midst of crushing […]

  • Give it a Break

    Give it a Break

    Take a Break

  • Lessons from a forest

    The distant hiss of rubber on concrete drifts over the treetops and into my balcony. As droopy as some of the limbs are, their green leaves stand as markers of how resilient southern woods can be, even in the wake of a hurricane.It was amazing to see the leafy branches of a nearby Sugarberry tree […]

  • Gone Light

    Gone Light

    Thoughts on digital minimalism.

  • Variety


    It’s cold outside in Baton Rouge this morning. Drops of dew cling to the stems and leaves of trees outside my apartment like small crystal balls magnifying a gray sky. From my window I can see cars jet past, parting waters like Moses in the ruts and depressions of the road. A bike ride is […]

  • Deep Roots

    Where are you choosing to place your roots?

  • I just wanted to be an extra

    I just wanted to be an extra

    We have all had thoughts of turning a hobby or idea into something more. It’s only human to dream, right? Some might say to themselves, “This passion for sumo wrestling might just be a future career,” or “I could make some real money selling my ‘five turtles on a log’ paintings.” For me, it’s always […]

  • Caffeine


    I never thought coffee would taste good. The bitterness always left me puckered like someone who just ate a “dirt” infused Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean. 26 years of my life I never touched the stuff. My ignorant bliss was soon rattled when our workplace installed a new chrome-lined, touch-screened, I,Robot of a machine that […]