The dimming light was offset by cheers from over fifteen thousand young adults as Francis Chan walked up to the stage to preach. Around 30 minutes later he left the audience (including myself) deeply inspired and challenged to know Christ more. What caused his talk to be so moving? How did he teach truth in a way that made us yearn for more?

As I reflect back on this last week at Urbana 2015, I can only think of one reason: Christ driven passion. This man truly allowed Christ to speak through him and ignite an audience hungry for an answer. The words he spoke were words he truly believed. He wasn’t talking to an audience about his latest accomplishments in an attempt to gain respect. He wasn’t talking halfheartedly about a subject he had only dedicated limited time to. He genuinely revealed what God had put on his heart and that is what greatly impacted everyone who listened.

What about you? What are you passionate about? Spend some time thinking about what your passions are. Is there anything you want to be more passionate about?

Francis Chan talking at Urbana, 2015



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