Grease the groove

Lately, I’ve started to do morning stretches and cold showers. Just because.

I’ll wake up, follow the 5-minute stretch routine below, and pop into an ice cold shower (after a few deep breaths accompanied by a quick mental note asking myself why I’m doing this).

It’s honestly been healing. I feel more energized throughout the day, and subjecting myself to extreme temperatures in the morning gives a much needed shot of adrenaline so I can get to work or play feeling sharp and ready to go.

Have you challenged yourself to add some new flavors to your morning routine lately? If not, hop on the bandwagon and make it a New Year’s resolution. Some have even called it “greasing the groove”. So, I challenge you to switch it up and grease the groove. Sucks in the moment sometimes, but you’ll thank yourself in the end.

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