A different energy

A legion of plastic cleats digs into turf. Pivoting. Planting. Stopping. Touching down for a moment, and then off, like a heated game of hot potato. All with one purpose. Come in contact with that elusive airborne sphere.

Moving up from the ground one can see the labored breathing of two teams vying for one shot at the goal on either side of their field of battle. Pennies vs. shirts. Every Saturday at 9 am. Here players leave their cultural and political differences at the gate and come together to share in what one can simply say as a heightened state of energy. There’s something to be said about the excitement surrounding the game.

Many of the members of the soccer club are Nigerian. They joke, laugh, and bring an emotion to the field that’s unlike any other (and man, most of them can wipe the floor with me). I just love being around those dudes.

When was the last time you felt wrapped up in a heightened state of energy?

*Thanks to Ben Smucker for help with descriptions!

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